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Photos of Extremadura

Old town of Cáceres
More photos of Cáceres
Main square of Trujillo
More photos of Trujillo
The aqueduct Los Milagros in Mérida
More photos of Mérida
Castle of Zarza la Mayor
Roman bridge of Alcántara...and the hydroelectric station behind it
Gate of PlasenciaPanorama of Brozas
Castle of Montánchez...and the road leading to it
Bridge of Guadiana at MedellínStorks over the tower of the church of Medellín
Portal of the cathedral of PlasenciaCity walls in CoriaPreparations of a street bull running in Coria
Church of AlcántaraOne of the gates of the upper town in Trujillo Belfry of Montánchez
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Photos: Arnys