Espolarte - Feliciano Espolarte, the orca

I salute all those who have stranded on this excellent homepage during their night websurfing. Buenas noches!

My name is Feliciano Espolarte. I am a professional killer whale, 28 feet long, and weigh 11.800 pounds. Now I work as the cartoon symbol of Ka-To Miskolc Bt., that is a map publishing venture in Hungary.

My fatherland is the Atlantic Ocean, the region of the Valdés Peninsula in Patagonia; but I spend most of the time travelling across the world. I am free. I have visited almost every part of the World Ocean. So, when You will do windsurfing instead of websurfing, we can meet personally. I usually travel together with my cousin Fernolys, but sometimes I have other travel companions.

I love humans, and I should never harm them. My greatest dream is to save the life of a shipwrecked man, arriving to the site when the exhausted man defends himself against an immense hammerhead shark with a single pocket knife, introducing myself politely, biting off the shark's head, and swimming to the next port with the shipwrecked man sitting on my back. There should be a lot of worrying relatives, journalists and other press workers in the port... what a beautiful thing it would be. Unfortunately, modern ship building technics enables only oil tankers to sink...

I have a lot of strange friends, including Martin Morvendsen, the ambitious pilot whale, and Oliver, the brave Icelandic seal.

Besides travelling, my favourite pastime is websurfing. I got acquainted with most of my continental friends, including the cartographer Arnys, via Internet. I often listen music on the Internet; my favourite human composer is Vangelis, whose ability rivals that of the best humpback whale musicians.

I am an active sportswhale, my favourite branch of sport is swimming. I am not especially good on short courses (my personal record in 100-metre free style swimming is 5.6 sec, that cannot rival those of the best Hungarian swimmers), but I am sure that I could fulfil even the olympic qualification level in any of the events longer than 10000 metres. In 2000, I wanted to enter for the paraolympic games (having no legs, I am severely handicapped), but I was refused with the ridiculous motivation that I could cause similar insufficiencies in other competitors. This is an eclatant example of racial discrimination.

I also like ball games, but I usually entrust the role of the ball to my seal friends. Furthermore, I like balancing various objects, for example globes, on my head.

In contrast to nude bathing, I could never get accustomed to vegetarianism. I have once eaten fifty cans of leavened cucumber preserve (a sympathic tourist has trown them into the sea from the board of a ship); another time I ate hundred pounds of Calypso beans, but I found that these foods are not delicious nor nutritious. I need a better fuel. I had to realize, that if I am hungry, I must kill. This is very sad, but I do not have the slightest intention of starving to death.

My postal address is: Puerto Madryn, Casilla de Correos 53, Argentine; I have forgotten the postal code. Please do not write me to this address, because I am rarely at home outside the mating season. In the mating season, making little orcas takes up all my time. This page is about this activity. It is easier to send me an e-mail to the address I regularly visit oceanic Internet caffees during my journeys.

Some pictures about my adventures