Espolarte - Feliciano Espolarte, the orca - Pictures about Espolarte

I think everybody knew him: this is Keiko, the famous Hollywood actor, star of the "Free Willy" movies. During the summer of 2002, when I travelled to Iceland with my friends, we visited him. Keiko joined to our company. Until this time, Keiko has never hunted seals; now, he has shown a reasonable talent for this activity.

We have visited a pen-pal of mine in Ísafjördhur, Iceland. He is a gray seal. He was very surprised when we turned out to be killer whales. He prepared some very tasty meals for us, including hákarl, putrefied shark meat; it is an Icelandic delicacy. It should have been over our stomach's capacity to eat also him, so he survived this adventure.

This picture was made during our visit. From the left: Oliver the Seal; Fernolys, he has a very special fork; me, I am left-finned; Keiko; and Martin. Martin is an ambitious pilot whale from the Faroe islands, but he studies hard and wants to become an orca.

You can write an e-mail to Oliver.

This very amicable dolphin is Gungo; he has really been one of my best friends. We have played together a lot. He even knew loads of Martin Gardner-style mathematical puzzles. On a day, some distant relatives of mine have arrived unexpectedly, and I did not have anything to offer them...

Gungo's picture can be downloaded as a wallpaper.

This is Imre Bezeredy, a heroic 18th century orca, who has served six years in a human army and carried out many brave deeds. He was very popular among his human comrades. This Japanese soldier wanted to acquire a swordlike dorsal fin in order to resemble Bezeredy...

My adventure with the Happy Tree Friends