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United States of America

Official name:United States of America
Area:9,631,420 km²
Population:300 million
Highest point:Mount McKinley (6194 m)
Most important rivers:Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas
Government:presidential federal republic
Head of state:Barack Hussein Obama (since 2009)
Capital:Washington, D. C.
Administrative divisions:50 states and 1 federal district (District of Columbia)
Official language:none; English is generally used
Ethnic groups:white 69%, Hispanic 12%, black 12%, Asian 4%, Native American 1%, other 2%
Religions:Protestant 54%, Roman Catholic 26%, other 5%, unaffiliated 15%

The United States also holds two territories with Commonwealth status (the Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico), seven insular areas (American Samoa, Guam, the Midway Islands, the Navassa Island, the United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands, the Virgin Islands of the United States and Wake Island), and the Guantánamo Bay, a leased naval base.

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