Espolarte - Maps - Maps at wholesale prices - Instructions

Dear Customer!

If You wish to buy maps in order to resell them, You may order the maps included in our catalogue at wholesale prices. Please fill in our registration form before ordering.

In compliance with the Hungarian law, maps are charged with a value added tax (ÁFA) of 20%. However, if Your enterprise is registered in a European Union member country other than Hungary and You have a European tax registration number, You do not have to pay this tax. If Your enterprise is registered outside the European Union, You do not have to pay the tax.

The shipping cost added to the bill depends on the total price of the maps ordered:

Total price (EUR)Shipping cost
Less than 30.005.00
30.00 to 60.008.00
60.00 to 100.0015.00
More than 100.00Nothing

You may pay by international money order or by wire transfer; we prefer payment by wire transfer.

We do not hand over the data of our customers to any third party.

Data of provider

Name:Dutkó András, private entrepeneur
Postal and invoicing address:1021 Budapest, Kuruclesi út 51., Hungary
Telephone number:(36-)1-2002868, (36-)30-9030874
Hungarian tax registration number:64080378-2-41
European tax registration number:HU 64080378